CBC-01G coffee machine cable

Cable for Casadio Undici A1 coffee machine

Model: CBC-01G
Manufacturer: TIFATECH CO., LTD 
Country of Origin: VIET NAM 
Price: 11,5 $ 

Hotline +84 899600009

CBC01G is utilized by various coffee machine brands that use cable with the same connector type. Below is a list of several popular ones that work with it.

Suitable machine:

Manufacturer Model
Casadio Undici A1 1Gr, Dieci A1 1Gr

Cable's length: 120 (cm)


Control board connection
Description Quantity Pin/Connector
Key input connector 1 10
LED input connector 1 10
Level input connector 1 2
Sensor and keyboard connection
Keyboard connector 1 10
Water flow sensor connector 1 4
Boiler’s level probe connection female cosse 1 2
Machine’s metal box connection Y shape cosse 1 2
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