CLGL3G Control Board

Control board for BFC, Expobar, Reneka, Astoria, machine

Model: CLGL3G
Manufacturer: TIFATECH CO., LTD 
Country of Origin: VIET NAM 
Price: 150,0 $ 

Hotline +84 899600009

CLGL3G is a coffee machine motherboard that provides users convenience by including many cutting-edge features:

  • Allow up to 3 groups to work simultaneously.
  • Dose programming for 4 drink buttons.
  • Control the boiler level automatically.
  • Hot water delivery time programming.
  • Automatic cleaning of brewing groups.
  • Integrate the P.I.D algorithm (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) for controlling the boiler's temperature.
  • Support the pre-infusion function.

Suitable machine:

Manufacturer Model
B.F.C Delux 2-3-4GR, Imola 2-3-4GR, Lira 1-2-3-4GR, Maranello 2-3-4GR (Predefined by manufacturer)
La Marzocco Gs3 AV/1G, Linea 2-3GR
CBC Royal First Vittorio S, Synchro T2, Technica
Expobar G-10, Elen, Rosetta, Monroc, New Elegan, Onyx Mini 2GR, Zircon
La Nuova Era Altea, Altea Compact, La Mille
Gaggia Milano La Nera 1 GR, La Nera 2 GR Compact
Reneka Life 1-2-3 GR, Magrini, Viva series (1GR, 2GR, 3GR), XL Pallas, LC 1 GR
Bezzera B2016, Woody, Bz16
Promac Green Plus, Green Tall, Compact ME (Predefined by manufacturer)

Warranty: 15 months

  1. Dimensions
  2. Techincal parameters
Power supply 230V AC 50/60Hz
Actuator voltage 230V AC
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