LDG19B Coffee Machine Display

LCD Screen for Expobar, BFC,...coffee machine

Model: LDG19B
Manufacturer: TIFATECH CO., LTD 
Country of Origin: VIET NAM 
Price: 93,6

Hotline +84 899600009

  • The LDG19B is a crystal liquid display that used for displaying letters, numerals, symbols, etc.
  • The LDG19B screen is widely used in coffee machines for displaying temperature, brewing time and setting parameters.
  1. Dimensions
  2. Specifications
Parameter Min Max Unit
Power supply (Vdd) -0.3 7 V
Adjustment voltage (V0) Vdd - 10 Vdd + 0.3 V
Input voltage (Vi) -0.3 Vdd + 0.3 V
Operating temperature (Top) -20 70
Storage temperature (Tstg) -30 80
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