TS1S Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe for Expobar, BFC,... coffee machine

Model: TS1S
Manufacturer: TIFATECH CO., LTD 
Country of Origin: VIET NAM 
Price: 20,2

Hotline +84 899600009

The TS1S temperature probe is a type of NTC sensor that is regularly mounted on the boiler of coffee machines. It can detect changes in temperature and adjust its internal resistance accordingly.

Suitable machine:

Manufacturer Model
Brasilia Opus Sublima
Expobar Elen, G10, Markus, Markus Silver
Megacrem, New Elegance, Office, Diamant, Rosetta, Carat
  1. Dimensions

  2. Technical parameters
Probe type NTC
Measuring temp -40 ÷ 150°C
Connector type Female; 2pin
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